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Robin Eberline

An Institute of Integrative Nutrition certified Health Coach, I am a busy mother of six grown children, and grandmother of 14. It has been a lifelong pursuit to give myself as well as my family the gift of good health by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. I have often been discouraged by the many conflicting messages in the world about what is healthy and what is not, but I have persisted, and through much trial and error have found some solid answers. My journey began with my own and my children's health issues. I look forward to sharing the answers I have found with you!

I am currently continuing my education with the School of Applied Functional Medicine. I have certifications in a variety of other natural health modalities such as ZoneBalance, AromaTouch, Iridology, and also in Medical Coding.

My Story

I moved with my family to Alaska, almost 35 years ago and two Alaskan features that quickly caught my attention were the thought of needing a food cache and avoiding cabin fever. Hence the name Health Cache Access. I want each client to understand they have a full cache of tools to work with. Health Cache Access is here to partner with you as you determine to access your most vibrant you.

Another Alaskan feature that I quickly learned was very important was the thought that you needed to avoid cabin fever! I always worked very hard to take care of my own and my family's health by eating healthily, but sometimes I felt very lonely in my efforts in a world that focuses so much on treats, and convenience. There were times I threw my hands in the air and joined in with the desserts and goodies.

Perhaps earlier in my life I did not truly understand how to achieve a true state of health, or I joined in with the goodies too often (or both) because a few years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a huge blow to me, and a turning point for me, but with the support of family and friends I faced and beat it; learning much more along the way. I learned that to be truly committed and consistent to my lifestyle of health was key, and I learned that much of the media hype about health just really doesn't work. Each of us in an individual, with different health challenges, and different root causes, necessitating that treatment for each should be customized for your individual body's needs.

My journey to try to find a state of vibrant health has been a lifelong journey, sometimes lonely, and my goal here is to empower others on their similar journey. There is no need to feel alone or succumb to "cabin fever" or the goodies!

The journey to better health can be fraught with discouragement, and conflicting information, making the journey confusing and discouraging. Having someone else to share your journey to better health, and guide you with answers that fit your own unique body will help to avoid discouragement, and ensure successfully meeting your goal of glowing health.

If you are ready to begin the journey, I am ready to assist you in accessing all the knowledge and tools available to you and in finding your way to radiant energy and health!

My Cancer Encounter

Being told I had cancer was a very scary experience complete with a plethora of emotions that did not stop flooding my psyche for days. Then my doctor began telling me what I needed to do next and all of a sudden my life felt out of control. I felt like I was on someone else’s timetable and agenda. I was immediately told to make an appointment with a surgeon. I thought, “Wow! The first thing they are going to do is start cutting parts of me away.” In this frantic state of mind, I finally had the memory come to my mind of an acquaintance telling me about his cancer experience and the alternative route he took when he was told he had 6 months to live. That was when I decided to take control of my life. I contacted him and his wife and they and my husband supported me as I decided to get off of the cancer-care conveyor belt and assume control of my own health again. I followed some of the advice I got from conventional medicine, and not some, but I was empowered to make the choices I felt were best for me.

I made some great choices in the care I received at that time, and I made a couple of choices I wish now that I had not made, but I made the choices, not someone else. I am passionate about educating and empowering others to take control of their own health, because it made such a difference in my life to feel like I was in control, instead of the doctors. I sought for all the education I could at that time, but wished that I had more. My hunger for education around the subject of health has always been a part of me, but it was certainly intensified by this experience. I am so grateful for the journey my life has taken that has led me to receive so much education surrounding health care. Now my passion is to share with others and empower to make the best choices they can for their health as well.

My Specialties

  • Digestive wellness
  • Healthy cooking / meal planning
  • Diet and Detoxification
  • Elimination diets
  • Primary Foods

Robin Eberline

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